Monday, July 31, 2017

Where is that Coloring Book for GrownUPs?

Several people have been asking about the status of the coloring books. I've decided to make the Alice series two books instead of four. It only makes sense to have one coloring book covering one whole book in the set of Alice's Adventures. Also my life has become more complicated lately which means that I've just been trying to fit in the editing of book one for weeks now. Time wise, the entire next month is not looking any better. I'm one of those people, agree with me or not, who feels like things happen in their own time and you can't rush that process. When I have roadblocks in life, instead of going around them, I work through them. All of my time and energy at the moment is devoted to working through a landslide. Book one is finished except for designing the cover and insert pages but I want to do it right and it wouldn't be right to rush that process because of other obligations. So, I promise that the first book is coming and it will be bigger than planned (twice as many pages) and better than planned (rushing causes mistakes and cuts down on quality so.....) I appreciate your patience as much as I've appreciated your support and encouragement and I will let you know as soon as book one (of two) is published and posted to Thanks for understanding!

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