Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Moon Hanger

I'm still at least a month away from being back in my studio and workshop. Honestly, just getting started today on the task path that will lead to my new studio space and since I tend to over estimate what I can do time-wise, it might be a wee bit longer. I'm hoping not too long though since I would love to be back in the workshop by the first of September so I can get out some of these beauties in time for Halloween decorating.
#witches, #Halloween, #WickedLadies, #SandeElkins

Since many of my Halloween fans are like my Christmas fans and leave their decorations and art work out year round, it might not really matter that much that I meet that deadline for them but for me and my mental health, I think it is essential. I've got to get back on track and have my physical activity catch up with my brain activity, lol....you all know that I already have not only the studio space and workshop designed in full in my head but many of the sculptures and other art work I want to do as well. But, as THEY often say, time will tell. Let's just hope time tells its tale quickly!
I have a new personal blog that really goes hand in hand with this one, https://moonhanger.blogspot.com/. Yes, some of you may have noticed the name change. A week ago...well, actually, yesterday...it was Dream Hanger but I titled a post Moon Hanger and there was that spark of magic again!

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