Friday, December 29, 2017

I've ignored my Etsy shop for a long time...far too long. In anticipation of soon putting up new work, I decided to do a little shop maintenance. I hate to admit it took me most of yesterday to redesign the home page but I was trying to use the methods from years ago when there is now a quick, easy way to update...and they actually give the dimensions you need to design to which they didn't do before; you had to guess! So, after hours of struggle and frustration (I admit, I yelled at the screen and Etsy quite a bit when they kept erasing my updates. :( ), I managed to design and post this new banner and new profile pic and update all of the announcements and "about me" thingies in about thirty joke! I'm now a happy camper and ready to start the new year with a fresh look and freshly stocked shop. :D


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