Friday, September 1, 2017


Okay, so the sketch a day failed miserably.

First, there was interference.....of the four legged, whinnies and escapes from his pasture several times a day coupled with the, I don't have a truck to drive because my husband's is in the shop and add to those two, I step in a hill of fire ants and now my foot is blistered and swollen....and did I mention, I have to walk a quarter mile to continually get my youngster in?...actually he's seven now and should know better but he's terribly spoiled.

Secondly, I have a hard time just doing a sketch. They always turn into more finished drawings that I hope to one day turn into paintings. So, there are several as yet unseen that are totally different from the two I did manage to post. Those two weren't typical of me but I wanted to push myself into new territory to perhaps loosen me up a bit or maybe get back to my roots? Who knows....the point is, I will not be posting anymore required drawings.

This does not mean I've been idle. I've been working on everything I shouldn't be....insert laugh here. No, this is true. Whenever I'm trying to meet a deadline, even if it is self inflicted, I am easily distracted. So, this week when I should have been working on the house...which actually means working to get my studio and workshop space finished...FINALLY!!! I can get back to work on REAL work...aka, work for other people to buy and display lovingly in their homes and cherish forever and ever. But I did not work that much toward those goals. No, instead, I worked on a photo of my mom as a young woman that I hope to turn into a large painting and hang on my own walls to love and cherish forever and ever. It is a project near and dear to my heart and one I do plan to finish hopefully by early 2018 but for now, I should be working on more pressing goals. That being said, here is the photo and the work I've done on it. The image cropped off the front of the car and so I had to google and google and finally ask some antique and car savvy friends to help me identify. We never did find the exact model but I'm happy with this which will serve as my model for the painting. I will remove all background so I have no idea why I put that in. I guess I thought that I don't have enough to do....insert laugh here.
My mama, the original Ginny Pearl (although she hated her middle name, I love it)
I intend to do a large painting (for me) of this image. I had to "finish" the front of
the car which was cropped, in the photo, right below the headlights.

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