Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sorry for the Neglect!

I'd forgotten all about this sorry for that!

I've created several new drawings since my last post and I'm getting much nearer to finally being in my new studio space and cleaning out my workshop so I can start working on wood sculpture again. I'm aiming for the end of this month but life keeps interfering.

I finally made it to the doctor's office yesterday for a horrible case of poison ivy. It's on the right side of my body from the soles of my foot to my shoulders and had begun to spread to my left side. I have gotten little done (accept my drawings that I can do while sitting in our one air conditioned room in my underwear, lol) since Monday when this started. Clothing hurts so much and I literally was only putting on pants to go feed the horses in the morning (and I missed a few of those.) They told me they didn't do shots, which everyone else had told me worked like magic, so they gave me a prednisone prescription instead. I've never taken this before but I have to say, I'm liking the side effects (tons and tons of energy) fare more than the antihistamine's (sluggish, dopey, sleepy and irritable...I'm blaming that last one on the medicine.) Last night, I actually took my first 30 minute walk in four days! And I ran part of it...up a hill that usually has me huffing and puffing when I walk it! Funny part is, I took my dog with me and I ran him up that hill but, when we looped back, he ran me down the hill because he heard a deer (dragon, lol) snort in the woods. Big ol' brave dog...hahahaha.

I've had several drug induced drawings come out of the last four days. I've been calling them my acid trip drawings, lol. This last one, in the photo, was influenced by both the antihistamine and the's been a wild and whacky ride. lol

Now, I'm headed out for my morning walk for the first time in a week...yay, me! Going to use this extra energy while I have it. 

I'll post more "new" drawings later today.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

More Witches!

Not yet posted to my Etsy shop. I want to try and get photos done of matted work in the next few days.
Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mixed sets of Angel cards are now available in my etsy shop. These cards are prints of my Angel series of colored pen and ink drawings. Packs of ten contain two each of: Ginny Pearl (the first in the series, holding a heart and named in honor of my late mother who inspired the entire angel series), You are my Sunshine(an angel standing amidst sunflowers and butterflies with a beautiful blue sky background), All Creatures, Great and Small (an angel seated and holding a lamb while surrounded my many other creatures, a lion, a giraffe, a calf, birds, a wolf, a cat and even, a snake!), She Hangs the Moon (angel against a night sky holding a smiling crescent moon), The Spirit of Peace (drawn and completed on 9/11, which inspired this one, an angel holds the symbol of peace, a dove.) The sets will arrive packed in a lovely, cloth, drawstring bag. Making them perfect for a gift as well as your own use. Or keep half of them for yourself and give the other five away. They are printed on high quality, heavy, matte card stock and a suitable for framing.

Cards will not be available for shipping until September 30 but if you order them before that date, I will ship them out to you asap.
Halloween cards now available in my Etsy store. Mixed sets of 10, 5.5x4" with envelopes.

Spooky and funny note cards (5.5x4") with envelopes from my original pen and ink drawings: Witches' Ball, Things that Go Thumpity, Bumpity, and Whoopsie Daisy! (or Hold on to Your Broom!) Sets of ten with envelopes. 

Please note: this will not be available for shipment until September 30 but if you order now, I will ship them out to you asap so you have plenty of time to mail them out to friends for Halloween greetings.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Thinking of getting these three cards printed. I want to test the waters and see if they will sell first before I make (what to me is) a hefty investment. So, what do you think? They would be printed with thick, high quality matte card stock and of course come with envelopes. They will be 5x4.5 inches and nice enough to frame. One is blank inside (All Creatures, Great & Small) while the other two have tasteful text inside. Individual cards would have to be $5.00 each which would include shipping cost. I may make one already matted available for around $10 or $12 depending on my cost for materials. Packs of 5 and 10 cards packaged in a nice, cloth drawstring bag, would be $10.00 and $20.00 respectively with $2.50 added to cover packaging and shipping. That is the cost I have to get to recoup my cost plus make a little bit. Do you think they will sell? Would you buy them?

Greeting Cards

I've added a few greeting cards to my online shop:

This is just one example. There are currently a variety of six images being offered. The ones shown, Just Fly!, and three other designs are offered as either 5 or 10 packs with envelopes and packaged in this beautiful cloth bag. Some of the cards have the option of inside text or blank while others are only offered blank. Check them out in my Etsy shop. HERE